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Moms Supporting Moms

What to Expect



Juggling all that comes with being a mother, as well as the rest of life, can be overwhelming and exhausting and leave one feeling alone in the chaos. This is a place to laugh, to cry, to feel understood, and to find new ways to thrive in this crazy journey of life.

  • Meet other moms

  • Find new ways to take care of yourself (and kiddos)

  • Explore parenting strategies that have worked well for others

  • Discuss strategies for work/life/motherhood balance

  • Recognize that you are NOT ALONE

All moms (not just first-time moms) are welcome.  We focus on a combination of psych-education and adding tools to participant's toolboxes, as well as emotional processing.

This is a closed group, in order to create greater connection between participants.  This means that the participants that start the group will also end with the group.  


Due to the structure of this group, registering for the group means that each participant is committing to payment for the entire group, even if deciding not to attend a meeting within the schedule.

*Sometimes there may be a group meeting or two that you are not able to attend.  You can still register for the group.


Upcoming dates:

This is a closed group and is conducted for 8 weeks.


Fridays, 12-1:15pm

OCTOBER 06 2023



Mondays, 12-1:15p

OCTOBER 16 2023

(no group Nov 27 due to Thanksgiving)



Dr. Rachel White PhD LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Restoration Psychological Services

17505 N 79th Ave

Ste 203

Glendale AZ 85308


$60 per group meeting

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Previous Group Participant

So many great things have come out of my attendance in this group - my needs were met in such a way that I had the ability to stop individual therapy after this group.  I was finally able to create the change that I had been working on in 6 years in therapy.

Screen Shot 2023-07-16 at 6.08.44 PM.png

Previous Group Participant

I found the group to be so inspirational and impacted so many areas of my life positively.  Dr Rachel also has a special skill to dig deeper and supports in my own emotional awareness and insights with struggling to cope, but did this in a way that felt safe in a group setting.  I will be participating in more of RPS's groups.

Screen Shot 2023-07-16 at 6.08.44 PM.png

Previous Group Participant

I grew so much from the Moms Group.  Each group was a rich experience that left me with greater understanding of myself and the motivation to live a fulfilling life.

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