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Committed relationships require ongoing, daily maintenance and intentionality to prevent the buildup of unhealthy patterns and unresolved issues.  Over time, with our busy lives, kids' activities, work stressors, the overwhelm of keeping up with responsibilities of the home, and other individual challenges we may face, we can become distracted from the relationship that matter most.

Some couples enter therapy in significant distress, perhaps following infidelity or an issue of great betrayal, chronic communication and conflict issues, pre-marital therapy, or even support with life transitions like the birth of a child or empty nesting or career changes of a partner.  For any of these concerns, meeting with a therapist who has significant training in the dynamics and intensity of relational therapy is crucial.  

Topics included within couples therapy frequently include:

dysfunctional relational patterns and the origins of these patterns, attachment,

conflict repair issues, boundaries, emotional distance, communication difficulties, trust issues, sexuality, lack of authenticity, infidelity, impacts of career on relationship, lack of emotional connection, parenting concerns, divorce/separation threats, and/or chronic feelings

of being misunderstood and unheard within the relationship.

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