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We are extremely motivated to protect our patient's confidentiality.  As a result, we are not in-network with any insurances.  

As a result, our rates are extremely competitive.  We offer significantly reduced rates, as low as $50.

For those interested, we offer Superbills to those seeking reimbursement from their insurance.


We accept Tiger Act Benefits for First Responders and many EAPs as connected to various Arizona Fire Departments.  These benefits are often able to be accessed by First Responders and their family members.  


If you believe you are eligible for these benefits, we can provide you with the contact to receive an authorization.


Providers rates range from

$50 - $190, 

depending on clinical training, expertise, and experience of the clinical provider.  

We are passionate about providing rate options that serve the needs of all individuals and families, and we are proud to say that our rates have been found to be more-than competitive in consideration of the training and expertise of our providers in the area.

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