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  • When can I back out of a support group or workshop?
    Registering for a group means that you are committing to the group process and committing to pay for the entire group or workshop. Most of our groups have waitlists and others are not able to attend due to the limited seat in each group. As discussed in the signed group/workshop informed consent, we do not permit attempts to cancel the registration within 7 days of the start date for the group/workshop. The choice to miss a group meeting will still result in the requirement to pay for the group/workshop meeting, even when no in attendance.
  • How long are sessions?
    Individual, couples, and family sessions are generally 45-50 minutes. This is considered a clinical hour and gives therapists a moment to write notes and catch their breath before their next client walks in. Longer sessions are available by request, if determined to be beneficial by the therapist.
  • Will my insurance pay for therapy?
    Given the unpredictability of insurance coverage, our Restoration Psychological Services is primarily a private pay practice. Our practice is willing to provide Superbills upon request.
  • Is medication a substitute for therapy?
    In some cases, a combination of psychiatric medication and therapy may be beneficial. Clinical research has provided significant support in identifying that mental, emotional, and relational problems - as well as the pain that they cause - can not be treated solely with medication. Instead of treating the symptoms with band-aids, the goal of therapy is to address the cause of our distress in order to heal and move forward with sustainable growth.
  • What if my therapist is not a good fit?
    Not every patient is a fit for every therapist. There are important variables that impact fit between therapist and patient, including personality, training, treatment modalities, schedule availabilities... If you find that your therapist is not a good fit, please reach out to our office and we will identify a therapist that will be a better fit based on your needs and desires.
  • Do you offer Telehealth sessions?
    Telehealth and office appointments are offered by our practice.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    The experience of therapy is quite individualized and varies person-to-person. You may be recommended to attend sessions weekly, every other week, or perhaps participate in monthly maintenance appointments. This will be impacted by what you would like to work on in therapy, diagnosis, severity of symptoms, and other variables. Some patients may achieve their goals within a few appointments, and others may require ongoing participation for an extended period of time. This can be impacted by motivation, resilience, dedication to invest in personal growth outside of therapy, treatment plan goals, and acuity.
  • How much are sessions?
    Sessions vary based on each provider. You can expect somewhere between $80-$160 per session. We do offer low cost therapy with clinical interns for $40 per session.
  • What is Restoration Psychological Services' cancellation policy?
    Similar to most medical and psychological practices, we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Patients will be required to pay 75% of their session fee for late cancellations and no shows.


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