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Restoration Psychological Services is a therapy practice that is located in Glendale, Arizona and focuses on facilitation of quality psychological services founded in research-based clinical approaches.  
We provide individual, couples, and family therapy, clinical license supervision, and conduct a variety of support groups and workshops.

About Us

When we experience painful events, distress, overwhelm, relationship betrayal, as well as communication and conflict issues - we can find that we have lost a deeper understanding of ourselves and of our relationships.   The view from the bottom of the hill can feel daunting, exhausting, and confusing.

It is our goal to support you to build the secure and healthy relationships with others and within yourself that you so desire ; To provide you with tools that allow you to feel strengthened and empowered when working your way up the hill ; To begin to treat yourself with greater love and compassion in order to explore ways to decrease distress.

We are grateful that you have allowed us to walk along beside you in this process.  

Dr Rachel White PhD LMFT

PHOENIX About us

are you ready for
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When seeking out a therapist, it is important to understand that therapists vary widely within level of training, education, ethical codes, and expertise.  Taking into consideration the expertise of the therapist and concerns of the patient are of our greatest concern.  

Secure Connection

Our practice's goal is to seek healing from the inside-out, with treatment of the cause, instead of superficial or brief solutions. Increasing the deepest level of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual understanding and growth allows for greater depth of healing and long-term progress.  


We are focused on providing compassionate care and accountability, allowing for there to be secure and healthy patient-therapist relationships.


Great therapists invest additional preparation time pre-session and post-session, to gain greater insight into issues and approaches regarding patient concerns.  This time goes beyond the session time spent together and session fee, and is an essential part of ensuring ethical and effective patient care.

PHOENIX vision


We are dedicated to providing trustworthy and consistent psychotherapy services, focused on evidence-based interventions and modalities.  We have an uncompromising commitment to provide unbiased and unwavering confidentiality, good will, and healthy boundaries.  

Restoration Psychological Services is dedicated to integrity, professionalism, innovation, hard work and dedication, willingness to learn and grow, passion, and work-life balance.


We have a long-term vision of growth through collaboration and connection with professionals and educational institutions.  We are committed to provide quality and connected training and supervision for new clinicians and are excited to grow with supervisees who share these core values.

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