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Intensive Support Group
for Fire Wives


The experiences of the Firefighter wife
and family are incredibly unique!
Impacts of shift work to the entire family
The Best Three
A Firefighter spouse who is coping with workplace trauma in their own way
Higher divorce rates & relational disconnection

Like the majority of the groups conducted at Restoration Psychological Services, this group is structured to mirror what the research shows to be most effective - a combination of support group emotional processing, psycho-education, and experiential activities that support healing.

The primary goals for this group are for group members to :

- learn skills to support healthy functioning and coping

- understand how trauma impacts the family and learn strategies to build resilience

- improve self-awareness

- improve strategies of emotional regulation

- improve coping skills

This is a closed group, which means that members who begin the group will also be participating in the group for all 8-weeks.  This is an intentionally small group, to support greater progress of all group members.

We provide reduced rates for our INTO THE FIRE group,

in order to help support those that may be a great fit for INTO THE FIRE.



Confidentiality is taken quite seriously by our practice.

All group members will be required to maintain confidentiality of the group, in order to support emotional safety of the group experience.  Participation in any behaviors that communicate lack of confidentiality within the group will not be tolerated.  Participants will not share identifying information about themselves (i.e., last names, fire station of husband...) to support emotional safety.


This group is facilitated by Dr. Rachel White, the spouse of a Military Police Officer,

who specializes in facilitation of therapy with First Responders and Military and their families.  

She has dedicated her career to serving these families and personally and professionally

understands the unique culture at hand.


Upcoming dates:

AUGUST 11, 2023 (8 WEEKS)

Fridays, 12p-1:15p

SEPT 8, 2023 (8 WEEKS)

 Fridays, 1:45p-3p

OCT 20, 2023 (8 WEEKS)

Fridays, 9:30-10:45a

transition into the holidays prepared


Dr. Rachel White PhD LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Restoration Psychological Services

17505 N 79th Ave

Ste 203

Glendale AZ 85308


$40 per group meeting

Contact regarding interest
Email |
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