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Men's Divorce

Support Group

Men Support Group

Are you going through a divorce or separation?

Feeling overwhelmed?
Feeling anxious or on edge?
Feeling lonely?
Grieving the loss of the relationship?
Needing to find your confidence & self-worth?

This support group was specifically developed because I found that many of the individuals I was facilitating therapy with, who were struggling with current separations and/or divorces, were also feeling like the only place they could healthily process this tough transition - and all of the traumatic experiences associated - was in individual therapy.  While individual therapy can be hugely beneficial during such difficult times, part of healing following a separation/divorce must also take place in safe, social settings that individuals can experience their growth within and also feel belonging; When so much of their lives is now searching for belonging and understanding.  This group was developed to be that place.


This is a closed group, which means that participants in the group have an opportunity to begin and end the group together, developing a greater sense of connection, teamwork, and belonging.  Together, participants work to process emotions, make sense of the chaos and grief associated within these break-ups, gain a greater understanding of themselves, identify and process new identities, and gain long-term and short-term tools for their toolbox.


Upcoming dates:

This is a closed group and is conducted for 8 weeks.

This group is not currently scheduled.

If interested, please contact myself so I can begin the process of scheduling.


Dr. Rachel White PhD LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Restoration Psychological Services

17505 N 79th Ave

Ste 306

Glendale AZ 85308


$60 per group meeting

Contact regarding interest
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