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Support Group

Teen Expressive Arts

What to Expect

This 8-week group is a safe and inviting space for teen girls to feel understood, process emotions, and learn strategies to support long-term coping. Each week participants will be engaged in a different expressive arts exercise focused on building resilience and self-worth.


The group is meant to be interactive and dynamic, in order to support greater understanding and engagement from teen participants.  The teen participants will leave group each with with an expressive arts activity and tools and skills to build upon resilience.

This group is specifically designed for ages 13-16.

Topics addressed within the group include:

  • emotional awareness

  • belonging and relationships

  • stress

  • self-worth and confidence

  • bullying

  • connection and technology

  • healthy coping strategies


Upcoming dates:

This is a closed group and is conducted for 8 weeks.



TBD: Please reach out if interested





Restoration Psychological Services

17505 N 79th Ave

Ste 203

Glendale AZ 85308


$70 per group meeting

Each week participants will be engaging in various expressive arts

activities to bring home, as well as the tools and skills related to topics discussed.

Contact regarding interest
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