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Groups &Workshops

Groups &Workshops


Support groups and workshops provide opportunities to process emotions and heal wounds, while also being led by a trained professional who can support the process by adding tools to your tool box.

Still, joining a group can be intimidating!!  Working through some of those concerns, especially after we have become so accustomed to hiding behind our computer screens, can develop so much freedom.  This is an opportunity to gain skills and tools specific to the topics of the group, as well as to develop connection with others.


Restoration Psychological Services also offers more intensive workshops, which are specifically designed to facilitate a far greater amount of therapeutic work within a shorter amount of time.  If this is something that you are interested in, Empower Workshop for Women may be of interest.

Others may also choose support groups because they can be less of a financial commitment in comparison to weekly therapy appointments.

Moms Supporting Moms
Support Group

Motherhood support group

If being a mother ever feels overwhelming or isolating or exhausting, this is the group for you!

Women's Divorce
Support Group

Women's Divorce Support Group

This is a closed 8-week support group focused on healing, skill-building, connection, and moving forward in new and vibrant ways.

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